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The Current: 4 Song Demo

The Current takes all alternative music to a new level.  Although they only have a four-song demo made, it’s obvious they have tons more hiding in a secret stash somewhere.  They combine the likes of many other alternative rock bands with their own creative lyrical and musical spin and just add that new-wave edge to it.  Think The Music, The Pumpkins, The Killers and some various spacey Brit-rockers got together and just combined everything they had, except they released it under the moniker The Current and moved to New York.  There is a lot of extra instrumentation in their recordings, making them very full bodied and leaving no empty gaps for imagination.  Everything is right smack on the plate for you to enjoy in every facet.  There is definitely the harder rocking in “Falling” with a definite hint of the band The Music.  The lyrics are a little predictable, but that’s okay, because they are sung with a lot of energy which complements the power-driven riffs carrying the song, even during the calmer moments when the song almost becomes an aria of vocal harmonies.  “The Counting Song” has real flow to their song construction.  Everything is blended so well together that you don’t even realize that some instruments lighten up at different parts of the songs.  They really work well together and this particular song clearly demonstrates this band interaction.  There is a tiny hint of some Smashing Pumpkins in there, but that’s the inescapable 90s Alternative rock seeping through The Current’s pores.  Their self-titled debut demo displays their true ability to perform as a group with strong guitars married with reverbed choruses that really highlight the lead vocals, regardless if you can understand them or not.  But most brit-rockers today sing lyrics that you can’t make out, just the words that are elongated over catchy choruses; that’s all that really matters anyway since that’s what the audience will remember.  If this was ever to be performed anywhere, it should be accompanied with a heavy light spectacle because its very prominent in their music that it’s a necessary attachment needed to completely absorb the full-bodiedness in The Current’s music.

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