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Deagle: The Waiting Room

Deagle: The Waiting Room

The Waiting Room
New Brunswick, NJ

For the fans of heavier Warped Tour music, Deagle is fuel for the masses who love circle pits. Albeit the audio recording itself can be a little clearer, they make up for it with catchy tunes that can bleed through the lack of a prominent drum set. Their presence almost reminds me of how the big bands today sounded when they first started out. Early recordings of The Offspring, Blink 182, et al; Deagle has the potential to blast through the murky waters that is the local music scene and really come out and show their true colors. However, tracks like “Once Again”, “Guidelines of Rejections” are missing something, nothing major, but just that little something that gives great songs that eye-opening edge. “Yesterday’s News” actually has Blink 182 qualities minus the distinct voices that make up the well known group. Deagle is clearly more advanced than The Waiting Room does them justice; time code changes on “The Waiting Room”, harmonies on “Forbidden”, you’d think the seven tracks clearly illustrate who they are. What is amazing though is that it’s just the three of them! The Waiting Room screams “please help me, I need more drums!” but you gotta give them credit, for three guys, it’s pretty full-sounding and otherwise really paints a solid picture of punk rock Philly style. Give these lads a souped up, bad-ass studio to record in and I promise you they will blow you away (if they haven’t already).

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