Before contacting the editorial team of AudioXposure.com, please see if your question is answered below in our frequently asked questions.

Will you exchange links with my music or band site?

No. AudioXposure no longer participates in reciprocal link exchanges. Please don’t contact us requesting one.  Links to artist sites are generally included in interviews or music reviews however.

How can I / my band be interviewed or featured?

Please review our Submit Music page.

How can I / my band have music reviewed on AudioXposure.com?

Please review our Submit Music page.

Can I advertise on AudioXposure.com?

AudioXposure does not offer private advertising.

How long do I have to wait to be reviewed or interviewed on AudioXposure.com?

The primary focus of AudioXposure is to offer music promotion and business advice to artists and bands. music reviews are now a small portion of the site. We have one music reviewer on staff who publishes one review per week. Therefore, only a limited number of submissions are chosen for music reviews, and it can take several weeks before chosen reviews are published. If you’re sending something pre-release where timing is more urgent, please send an email inquiry to editor@audioxposure.com prior to submitting music.

Can I write for AudioXposure.com?

AudioXposure is not currently hiring new writers.

The FAQs didn’t answer my questions. How can I contact someone at AudioXposure?

Please visit our contact page to find the appropriate person and email address for your needs.