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Clap Your Hands Say Yeah: Clap Your Hands Say Yeah

Albeit late (record out June 28), Clap Your Hands Say Yeah’s self titled debut record is still perking ears.  And since that time, up until the beginning of October, could you only purchase the album through one website on the Internet.  Now, after realizing the huge buzz that has been traveling through the indie scene for months, they have begun to make their album available through other facets of the Internet.  Don’t worry; they’re still unsigned.  They like the freedom without label restrictions.  At first listen, Clap Your Hands Say Yeah is a circus for your ears, and I am not joking.  The first track, which is an introduction, actually sounds like a ringmaster preparing you for what is to come.  Using children’s toys, beautiful melodies and vocals that have a surefire uniqueness to them that might take some time getting used to, Clap Your Hands have won the hearts of many.  Their shows sell out left and right and recently have been confirmed to headline the New Years Eve bash at Irving Plaza in their hometown (well Brooklyn to be specific) of New York City.  Key tracks on this album, which are actually up for download at their website, are “Upon This Tidal Wave Of Young Blood” and “Over and Over Again (Lost and Found).”  In a nutshell, you can flat out say they sound like Talking Heads, however, some of their more rocking songs have a hint of early Blur with possibly the coolest band name that has surfaced in years.  You can only imagine what their shows are like live since their name clearly indicates what is to be expected.  “Let The Cool Goddess Rust Away”, the first music track, really sets the tone of the record: smooth airy guitars, melodies that blend almost too perfectly with the following tracks, and those vocals that knock you off your feet.  “In This Home On Ice” is actually one of the better indie rock songs I have heard in a long time.  The whiney, unintelligible lyrics are almost perfectly suited with the catchy melody that just has you humming along because you certainly can’t sing along.  Check it out; you’ll see what I mean.  In short, Clap Your Hands Say Yeah has a lot ahead of them.  Namely the fact they are taking their North Eastern tour abroad later this year, have a stellar review in Rolling Stone and a fan-base that has them forced to book second shows at some cities over and over again.  Their album isn’t necessarily ground breaking, but it’s a fresh sound that welcomes the repeat button.

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