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OK Go: Oh No

OK Go: Oh No

Oh No
Capitol Records

What do you expect as a follow up to a band’s debut album that had loveable lyrics and heart-winning hooks? Something exactly like this. If their first record didn’t convince you that they had what it takes to swoon indie kids to enjoy poppy music, then Oh No, sure will. Thirteen explosive tracks that get better with each one; don’t worry they’re just as catchy as they are expected. After touring the world for two years, the four Chicago natives grabbed the attention of producer Tore Johansson who helped make Franz Ferdinand who they are now. They recorded these beauties in Sweden and released them for your listening pleasure on August 30th. Their first single “A Million Ways” has the obvious influences of Mr. Johansson and his work with Franz Ferdinand, but it still rocks your speakers nonetheless. You can also see their jaw-dropping Justin Timberlake dance moves in their (what looks like self-produced) music video on their website During their two-year tour they played many small clubs, showcasing both old, future and their track off the Future Soundtrack of America, but with this album now out for play, you can expect their audience to be much larger. It almost sounds like they went through all of their CDs while on that tour bus for two years and decided to include a taste of everything on their sophomore album. 60s harmonies, 80s synth pop, a touch of the grungier rock – it’s a beautiful mesh of decades of winning inspiration. Their familiar sound comes alive on “Crash The Party” and again on “Do What You Want” with hooks that will have you… well, hooked! Closing with a full-bodied “The House Wins”, that has a hint of Blur, Oh No seems like it covered all bases, until you let it start over again you and re-discover one of the best little bands Chicago has to offer.

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