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Lexington Down: Lexington Down EP

New Jersey rock outfit Lexington Down have this going for them: they write and sing that coveted stereotypical Mid-Atlantic rock that is usually found in the far-off land of Baltimore but instead in Jersey, so it makes them unique, right?   They have a self-released EP with a full length in the works and hopefully the tracks that are blueprinted for the LP sound a little different than the monotony of their current four-track release.  However, rarely do you find a band that is still in its pre-fame stages that collaborates so well together.  They do have solid melodies, and mini-harmonies to boot, but tracks like “Lines In The Road” are missing that oomph to their already present weak-hook.  Don’t get me wrong, Lexington Down has real potential to break out of the punk rock breed, they just need to find what attributes to uniqueness they need to apply to their music to make it work.  “Outta Sight” has the right idea with clapping, but I think it can be used more effectively than a background additive.  “The Flicks” is totally rocking which is great and the strongest track on the EP, but that too is an element short of a great breakthrough song.  If I were to lend my suggestions: try some harmonies, crunchier guitars – I hear the punk rock influences laced in each song but they’re not welcomed.  To make it as a band these days, something different needs to be applied to the music whether it be new instruments, dabs into other genres, time code or even cleverly inserted silences, whatever it is, it works.  Take it as a hint and embrace it!  Somewhere along the line, somebody did it right and it bought them a record deal.  Why not try it for yourself?  You might be surprised at the outcome.

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