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Lindi Ortega: The Taste of Forbidden Fruit

Proving that Canada has yet to produce an artist that isn’t solid, Lindi Ortega emerges without disappointment.  This is flat out chick music, so if you’re not a fan in general, it might be kind of difficult to get into the groove.  Having been around for a while, Lindi recently had 2002 works released on a CD entitled The Taste of  Forbidden Fruit.  Her voice is incredibly passionate in her music and really stands out on top of the actual music of each song.  Albeit independently released, after the “millions” that read this review, they will see how much potential is in there and big things will come.  On her MySpace site, she covers The Doors’ “People Are Strange” and it’s done beautifully!  “Misery My Love” and “Coffee Shops,” available for a taste on that site too, are on the CD.  The balance of everything is pretty close to perfect, without blatantly saying it.  If there is one thing that is going to carry Lindi into the spotlight of Canadian singer/songwriter stardom, it’s her voice.  She harnesses it extremely well, and there isn’t a doubt in my mind that given the right opportunities, great things will come.

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