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Last Week: Thoughts to Keep You Company

Last Week: Thoughts to Keep You Company

Last Week
Thoughts to Keep You Company
Lawrence, NY

One of the more “softer” rock bands that you might have caught at the Warped Tour, Last Week has written their songs, not to quote “Bubble Tape”: for you, not them. Alternative radio friendly, Thoughts to Keep You Company is a record that you might find in the Dickies’ messenger bags of many teenage Dashboard fans. Slow-paced enough to allow you to learn their lyrics with perfection, but rockin’ enough to keep them in that mainstream radio friendly niche. Thoughts To Keep You Company opens with the strongest track “New Year’s Eve” to get your ears perked up for some serious rock. But they fool you! Ido’s voice can be very familiar, which take it as you want it (some people like listening to familiarity amongst different bands), but with new and upcoming bands, a unique voice couldn’t hurt. Corny lyrics such as “life is just so unpredictable” and “Sha la la’s” fuel the second track, “Unpredictable.” Not as strong as it could be, but for a softer, acoustic, emo track about life and its traffic patterns, it’s fairly catchy and has potential to with the hearts of many fourteen-year olds. And just when you start to get a tiny bit bored of the repetitiveness, it even jumps to the climatic key change at the end! How daring! They have a hint of emo qualities throughout the EP, however, with the arena chanting on the track “You Said You Wouldn’t Lie,” it’s particularly prominent. Putting a song like this on their record really broadens their desired listening audience and confuses us reviewers as to what genre to group these boys. So wipe your tears girls, step aside Mr. Carraba and learn the lyrics, because I have a pretty strong feeling you will be sorely left out at shows if you are a n00b.

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