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Kisha Griffin: Chit Chat’N

Kisha Griffin: Chit Chat'N

Kisha Griffin
San Francisco, CA
Chit Chat’N

I’m not going to peg Kisha Griffin in the straight R&B/Soul category. After listening to her album, I have decided there is so much of everything thrown in that it’s above and beyond the simple slot of R&B. Kisha Griffin uses her wide vocal range and use of the mixing board to push the borders of the genre. On the R&B side, her soulfully smooth voice really adds the perfect touch to winding down at the end of the day. (Or *wink* getting wound up with someone you like.) You can fall into her deep, honey voice as seen in the song “Happy Home.” Adding a little funk, Griffin really lays its down with a little techno here and some acoustic there. Her versatility and also adaptability for the changing audience shines in “My Life” a quick, techno backed club-worthy song featuring her Toni Braxton-esque baritone voice. Whatever mood you are in, you can definitely find something in Kisha Griffin; whether you want to slow down or speed up.

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