The Dive – Indie Band Profile

April 22, 2007

The Dive

The Dive

Location: Athens, Greece

Genre: Rock

Members: Fatt (Drums), George L (Bass), John Iou (Lead Guitars), Monkey J (Vocals , Guitars)

Songs to Check Out: “Zombie Queen” and “My Boots”


Influences: Kyuss, Nirvana, Pearl Jam, Tool, Pink Floyd, Elloy, and The Doors

Comments: Now, be honest. How many bands do you get to hear coming out of Greece? Not a heck of a lot. So, here’s something different for you! The Dive has a true-to-the-core rock sound that I think you’ll love. My personal favorite is “Zombie Queen,” but listen to anything you can by these guys! They’re out of this world … well, half-way around it actually, but you’ll hardly be able to tell they’re not one of our very own locals. The only thing that I’d say is bad about The Dive is how it breaks my little heart that I can’t just hop in my car and check out a show!

by Jennifer Mattern

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