The Domino Theory – Indie Band Interview

The Domino Theory

The Domino Theory
Malvern, PA

AX: Where are you from?
DT: We’re all from the town of Malvern, PA.

AX: How would you describe your music?
DT: Let’s see… we’ve never really been sure how to describe it, it’s really just political minded punk mixed with some strong straight edge hardcore influences… sometimes we throw some emo riffs in there also.

AX: If we were to go to one of your live shows, what could we expect?
DT: Three boys out there to have fun. We’ve been known to dance up a storm and, if you’re lucky, take our clothes off. Oh, and we like fairy tales.

AX: Who are some of the band’s biggest influences?
DT: Strike Anywhere is definitely our biggest influence, but you can’t count out Kid Dynamite, Minor Threat, Choking Victim, and tons of other classic bands we grew up with. And yes… we also like the notorious Anti-Flag.

AX: What’s the history behind the band? How did you all get together?
DT: Well, it all started in Catholic school… two boys surging with rebellion and needing some sort of outlet to let it all out. We went through numerous drummers until we found our precious Kyle, ever since we’ve been going strong. We recorded some songs with the help of Arik Victor of Creep Records and have been playing shows as much as possible. There’s no stoppin’ us!

AX: What sparked your interests in the music industry? Was there a particular event or person that made each of you decide to get into music?
DT: Simple answer… the Wayne Train Station. Our first show ever was to witness the local legends ETC at this epic venue. We had no idea what we were getting ourselves into. Sweaty moshpits, broken noses, cop car piñatas, and best of all, pure unity… classic. Wayne will always hold a special place in our hearts… too bad it’s more expensive than crack cocaine to rent.

AX: What do you hope people can take from your music? From your live shows?
DT: We really just want people to have fun. We try and open their eyes with our political lyrics, but don’t live your life by em! Just come out, dance, and scream your heart out… there’s nothing greater than that.

AX: What makes The Domino Theory different than other bands in your area or genre?
DT: Well, most of the bands in our area are straight up generic emo (sorry guys)… or just meanie hardcore bands. We like to think of ourselves as a blend of everything we loved about this scene, and we try more and more with every show to bring it back to the old days.

AX: Where do you see this project taking you? Or where would you like to have it take you?
DT: Who cares? We just play to have fun. People can listen, or people can burn our merch in the streets, we will keep playing either way. We started playing music out of love, and we’ll keep playing it till’ the nurses at the retirement home are all “Hey you! Shut up! It’s past [your] bedtime!!”… in which [case] we will respond “Shut up you whippersnapper! It’s only 5:30!” Oh… and we like tours.

AX: Where can people find out more about the band and pick up you CD and merch?
DT: Lots of places! Check THESE babies out!,, and tons of merch can be ordered by e-mailing us at… or just come on out to our shows! Love!

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