How I Became a Pirate – Indie Band Interview

How I Became a Pirate

How I Became a Pirate
Bronx, NY

AX: Where are you guys from?
Kevin: We’re from the Bronx (the one from the movies) and I must say everything you have heard is more than true. It’s actually an understatement; I’ve been stabbed by my own grandmother because I bought her whole milk instead of 2 percent.

AX: How would you describe your music?
Keith: Well our neighbor, who drives a pimp Escalade, said we are “In your face”. So I’ll take that.

AX: If we were to go to one of your live shows, what could we expect?
Kevin: Have you ever seen the musical Cats?
Pat: Well, when Kevin takes off his shirt, he’s really fuzzy.

AX: What are some of the band’s biggest influences?
Pat: Hearing bad music, and wanting to be better than that.
Keith: …and John Starks dunking over Michael Jordan

AX: What’s the history behind the band? How did you all get together?
Kevin: We all go to college except Pete, he is a dirty stay out.

AX: What sparked your interests in the music industry? Was there a particular event or person that made each of you decide to get into music?
Kevin: My grandfather was actually a comedian, and he got on TV a few times, so I decided I wanted to be on TV more times than my grandfather, and what better way to get on television than playing music?

AX: What do you hope people can take from your music? From your live shows?
Kevin: I am actually more socially conscious than most for example, I like to drink… a lot… and I know drinking and driving is Bad, so I never got a driver’s license.
Pat: And if you have some money you can take a CD, or even a T-Shirt
Kevin: If you are good at begging you probably could come home with a free one.

AX: What makes you guys different than other bands in your area or genre?
Kevin: We don’t wear girl jeans or makeup and we don’t have drug problems.

AX: Where do you see this project taking you? Or where would you like to have it take you?
Kevin: I believe that God will hear our music and admit me directly into heaven looking over all of the other shit I have done in my life.
Keith: I see it taking me to the bar, where I will receive free shots.

AX: Where can people find out more about the band and pick up you CD and merch?
Kevin: At our shows. We are too poor to have an internet thingy. If you wanna give me some advice on how to set a cheap one up, email us at I actually have been screen printing our shirts myself so if you have one consider yourself lucky.

Jenn Mattern is a professional writer and former music PR consultant who specialized in working with indie artists. She owns 3 Beat Media, the parent company of AudioXposure.

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