$1 Aviators

$1 Aviators

$1 Aviators
Belvidere, NJ
Members: Carmello Chiara (vocals/guitar), Zach Hummer (bass), and Rocco Chiara (percussion).

In Their Own Words:

“The band $1Aviators is a Rock and Roll trio from northern New Jersey. We are comprised of Carmello Chiara (20 – vocals/guitar), Zach Hummer (16 – bass), and Rocco Chiara (16 – percussion).”

“It is hard to say when exactly we started as a band. It is just another one of those, “We’ve been playing together since we were kids.” That’s true about myself (Carmello), Rocco Chiara, and Zach Hummer in the $1Aviators. Zach and Rocco were in school together and decided to start playing instruments, which inevitably led me to pick up the guitar and play with them. I think it was a wise choice. Although, officially, we have been the $1Aviators for just about one year. ”

“We get geeked out about our music pretty easily and we hope everyone does too. We like rock music, plain and simple. All three of us are involved in our church, thus leading to our main influence to be our Christianity on our music. We are sick of all the gutter trash that is sung about in music today. We’re not going to press our beliefs on anyone during our show, but we hope that you have a great time listening to our upbeat music. Our music makes us smile, whether we are playing our songs that deeply move us emotionally, or our songs about how we were all, video game loving dweebs in seventh grade. Overall, if you want music that will kick you in the face, but leave you smiling, then please check us out!”



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