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ADHD - Photo Credit: Patrick Demarcelier

Photo Credit: Patrick Demarcelier

Washington DC

What started at American University between two friends, branched out to be the four part band of ADHD: Rob, lead guitarist; Jordan, lead singer; Andy, bassist and keyboardist; and Jackson, drummer. The band hails from the Washington D.C. Metro area.Their name, as Rob described to me, certainly represents their musical taste and style, which has evolved over the past few years. When the band started they were highly punk influenced, but to describe their music now, it’s more melodic hard rock. Each member brings different ideas to the band, because they each have different tastes and favorites. For example, Andy brings in influence from bands like My Chemical Romance, while Jackson’s influences come more from bands like the Foo Fighters. They are able to blend these tastes and create a sound unique to themselves.

When I asked about their live show ability I found out that the band is very proud of it. On a good night, when the band gets a really great vibe from the audience, they are able to feed off of that and give a really intense performance. At a show in New York City, Jordan gave a really energetic show because the crowd was really into the music. Like any band, ADHD really wants their fans to get into their performance. They want them to feed off the music and go home to their friends saying, “I just saw a kick ass ADHD show! You have to see for yourself!” The guys want their fans to appreciate the music and lyrics, hoping that they will really strike a chord with them.

The band, like many great indie rock acts, is presently unsigned, but they have two managers working hard for them. The guys work with their management team for booking shows and promoting themselves. They hope to be signed one day, as this could open many doors for more creativity and marketing for the group.

ADHD continues to perform in the DC area, but look for them in venues throughout the east coast. Currently their song “Our Time” is featured on XM Sattelite Radio Channel 29, and also DC 101 and Z 104. You can check out more about the band members, where they are playing, and their songs on or at Also, check out the newly revamped band site at

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