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Stone Gato

What thrills me about this album is the versatility and the mixing of all cultures. Where else do you hear the twangs of electric violin, reminiscent of a country hoedown accompanying the one, two, cha cha cha of the drums and guitar?  Look no further than Stone Gato, an eclectic foursome taking full range of percussion and strings to bring a great twist to the same old salsa dance.  Taking folky Americana and colliding it with Latin beats, Stone Gato brings you north and south of the border all at once. A true mixing of cultures and sounds, this band really knows how to keep the momentum and your feet going. With a mix of Spanish and English lyrics it doesn’t matter if you don’t understand all the words because you can easily get lost in the beats to keep “dancing the night away,” as heard in “Mala,” an upbeat song with a feverishly fast-changing tempo, leaving you only to imagine the strings of the violin’s bow going as fast as your hips on the dance floor.

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