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Woodbury, NJ

From the minute you play any of Mannrock’s tracks you are thrust straight into the thug life. This isn’t your local radio station’s newest single about Cristal and the disco club. This is the real sh*t. It’s real issues. With today’s mainstream radio playing bathwater that passes for rap, it’s refreshing to hear something that’s got a bite to it; something that catches the ear and doesn’t let go (like Mike Tyson). With a great use of sampling, Mannrock successfully accompanies his strong words with some funky beats, old school sound and mind-sticking loops, making you want to rock your head back and forth to the tales of street violence and drugs. Keeping it going hard and talking about reality – cops, disease, bitches and drugs — this album is thorough in keeping it real. But at the same time it makes you want to turn the bass up and crank the windows down so everyone in the city can hear. You can really feel the grit, the drama and the reality. My personal favorite was “Shall not fall,” full of power and emotion as well as the use of an adolescent choir and the croon of a heart wrenched soul singer. From start to finish each track was enticing and attention-getting; for the hardcore mood when you’re angry at everything, or when you want to really feel the beat and turn it up.

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