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Longspur: Forgotten Summer

The interplay between sung lyrics and screamed lyrics makes Forgotten Summer truly unique for its genre.  They do have some of that New Jersey screamo punk sound laced into their sound; however, that is almost inevitable to delete if you are a band of this genre from this general area.  It comes with the responsibility, right?The harmonies are beautiful, well, around the screaming, especially on “Long Road Home.”  “This Time” is so insanely catchy there is no better way to describe it.  It’s obvious why they have such a large fan base (as seen on Myspace) and clearly they’re doing something right, with Forgotten Summer being their sophomore release, with enhanced features on the disc and their single “Angel” having a music video on there and on as well.  Besides their solid rock anthems, mini piano ballads laced within, three-part harmonies (four if you count the scream), Longspur’s lyrics are phenomenal.  Totally emo stories, tear jerking, teenage love poems such as “A star will fade to black tonight/and I will be its final act/No one to call out ‘masquerade’/No one to stop me… As I fall into your arms tonight/with cuts so deep/it hurts your sleep” on “So Shines a Good Dead in a Weary World”, and pretty much the entire track “The Night the Sky Fell” which is just a perfectly crafted ballad, if you will.  More albums to come?  Hopefully, and some tours thrown in there, and it can safely be a nice hat trick for the boys.

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