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Johnny Ford: Self-Titled EP

Johnny Ford: Self-Titled EP

Johnny Ford
Self-Titled EP
Rock Out Records

Hello gritty southern rock and roll! If you love that raw, acoustic, soulful sound, then look no further. Johnny Ford is all of that kissed with southern roots. His 5-song self-titled EP, out on Rock Out Records, leans more towards the acoustic side and doesn’t really express the rock that is heard on “Big City Southern” (a track from his full-length, Howl and Moan) which I feel to be his strongest track. But don’t think that this is just another acoustic boy-toy here to serenade you with love songs and mushy heart-pouring tales. They might be emotastic, but there is definite bite to them. I think that this EP does not do Mr. Ford justice, because I really hear the desire for him to sing these songs with a full band behind him, belting his words with the punch of the kick drum and warmness of the bass. While beautiful in color, songs like “Make Some Time” are just begging for accompaniment. Maybe Johnny is pulling a fast one and giving us the raw, uncut, acoustic atmosphere on the EP and leaving the sweet southern glory as our after dinner mint with an LP release. Hopefully I’m right on the latter, because after listening to Johnny Ford unplugged, I really want him to hook up that amp and bleed those southern rock roots into what I feel can be a really full-bodied, awesome compilation of music.

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