epo-555: Dexter Fox

April 29, 2007

epo-555: Dexter Fox

Dexter Fox

Hailing from Denmark, this gem of a band was exposed at SXSW earlier this year. However, the band name didn’t linger around as it should have. With a better record at home, epo-555 will soon make waves over here, at least once America wakes up and realizes there are some solid tunes over yonder. With politically charged lyrics, melodic indie-pop, and a soothing vocal accompaniment to the electronic dibs and dabbles in each song, how can you not love this record? It’s kind of interesting to hear such poppy uplifting music with such deep, dark lyrics. The song that won me over was “Le Beat’s On Fire” and has been spinning on my Winamp once I hit the letter “E” down the alphabetically sorted MP3s up for download courtesy of SXSW. It wasn’t until I finally heard Dexter Fox in its entirety that I became a true fan rather than just a glorified single-lover. It’s extremely catchy, and the lyrics are intensely political, which is an added bonus (especially since it has nothing to do with all the anti-Republican rock drama over here). It was a perfect summer hit in my car. Bands like this make me wish even more that I lived in Europe solely to enjoy solid packed, sold-out concerts that States folk can only imagine. Other tracks of interest are “Cha Cha When They’re Young”, “L’art Pour La Fart” and “Dakota.” If I had to pick a more local artist to compare these folks to that would light your “oh that’s who they sound like” bell, they’re right up the alley with Stars from Canada. Granted this debut album came out quite a while ago, it’s a great lead-in to get you familiar with what’s to come with their upcoming release, Mafia. Be thankful that I introduced you to them before their sophomore album and tightly packed US venues so that you can be first in line to buy tickets before they sell out. Such elite like myself couldn’t afford the trip to Texas but I bet their show is not one to miss.

by Iris Karasick

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