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Ememvoodoopoka: Dort Jak Brus

Ememvoodoopoka: Dort Jak Brus

Dort Jak Brus

Okay, to be completely honest up front, you will not understand a single lyric on any track on this entire album. Not because they’re screaming unintelligible lyrics, but that they’re speaking an entirely different language; Czechoslovakian to be specific. But regardless of that minor translation issue, Dort Jak Brus is actually a really awesome record. I wish I had some Czechoslovakian friends to ask them their opinion, or even to translate for me, but if I had to venture a guess as to what they’re singing about, I’d say it’s about love, loss, and/or all those minor little complications within relationships. That, or Jesus. But, the four guys that make up Ememvoodoopöká might have one of the coolest band names to ever cross the Atlantic and the coolest sound to come out of that part of the world. Their tunes are terribly catchy, however, difficult to sing along to without sounding like you’re trying to hock a loogie while singing. The best part is they don’t skimp out on tracks; there are 14 amazing rock-outs to listen to. I don’t know what this would cost out there, but that’s a good deal for US records in terms of song-to-dollar ratio. Really awesome tracks to check out are “Syndikát”, “H?iby”, “Sm?r” and “Kuci” and if I knew what that meant, the songs would totally make more sense. It is rare that you hear of any band emerging from that part of the world, but if there is a band that would make it, it would be these guys. Their music is extremely catchy, I mean really catchy, it’s just too bad I can’t sing along. I’ll go study my Czech history and language and get back to you if I can relate to the lyrics. Meanwhile, I’ll just pretend to be an elitist claiming I have family in Prague, and I can understand everything this record says, of course while enjoying how awesome it is.

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