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Dos and Don’ts for Writing Your Band’s Bio

Here are a few dos and don’ts for writing the always-important band bio to include in your press kit. Don’t underestimate the value of a well-written bio. I’ve seen unsigned bands write brilliant bios, and label bands who make themselves look like a bunch of morons. Your bio is your chance at a good first impression when someone receives your kit. Follow these guidelines so you won’t blow it!


Tell people what you sound like right up front.

Note similarities between your own work and that of more recognizable artists.

Add enough substance to your bio that a reader feels like they know you a bit as people, not just a group.

Remember to list each band member’s name and a little background on them. Keep it brief, but don’t ignore it.

Put your bio on band stationary, directly printed on your press kit folder, or something other than just a plain white sheet of paper with your band’s name on it.

Add your contact information to the bio where it can be easily seen.

Be yourselves. It’s ok, and even great, if your personalities shine through.

Have fun with it! The bio can be completely fictional and/or humorous if you want it to be, just so long as you tell us what you really sound like!


Say that you’re completely unique and don’t fit into any one genre. You’re not unique. You do fit into a genre. You’re just going to piss people off if you don’t tell them who you sound like. Even if you think you’re different, I guarantee the reader can compare you to someone. And that just makes you look stupid or egotistical … both bad.

Wait until the middle or end of your bio to tell people who or what you sound like. Bio, comparisons, influences … all need to be up front.

Print your bio on a plain piece of paper and throw it into a press kit or envelope.

Fold up your bio and stick it in your CD case.

Mail a bio to anyone without your CD with it.

Forget about adding contact information.

Turn your bio into a book. A half page to one page is more than enough.

Jenn Mattern is a professional writer and PR consultant, formerly specializing in music PR for indie artists. She owns 3 Beat Media, the parent company of AudioXposure. While AudioXposure is retired, you can still find Jenn at her other web properties including All Freelance Writing, Freelance Writing Pros, and NakedPR.

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