The Twilight Collective – Indie Band Update 2006

The Twilight Collective

The Twilight Collective
Philadelphia, PA

Since our original interview with, and feature of, PA and DE’s The Twilight Collective, the guys have been busy.  Matt was able to fill us in on some of the details:

A few months back, Mark, Matt, Phil, Doug, and Harry signed to Textbook Music.

They’re devoting themselves full-time to their music now, plan to start recording soon, and will be touring again starting this January.  As a matter of fact, they’ve got a few “local” shows (PA, NJ, and DE) in mid-late January, so be sure to check them out live if you haven’t had the chance yet.  Check out the band’s show listings here.

TTC has a new track available online since our last posting, called “The Showman,” which you can find on their Purevolume page.

We also recently featured The Twilight Collective as an Artist of the Day on The Indie Files.

I told you in our first feature of TTC, and I’ll tell you again … “If you haven’t heard them yet, my heart bleeds for you.”  So if you didn’t take my advice before, do it now.  Check these guys out.  They still f*ing rock, and you’re sorely missing out if you haven’t seen them live yet.

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