Maggie, Pierce, and EJ – Indie Band Interview

Maggie, Pierce, and EJ

Maggie, Pierce, and EJ
Philadelphia, PA

AX: Where are you from?
MPE: Philadelphia, PA

AX: How would you describe your music?
MPE: Mutt music…a mixture of everything and the kitchen sink…with sweeeet harmonies leadin’ the cart.

AX: If we were to go to one of your live shows, what could we expect?
MPE: Melodic songs, a memorable show with lotsa instrument switching, lotsa energy, melancholy and joyous tunes.

AX: Who are some of the band’s biggest influences?
MPE: Lambert, Hendricks and Ross, Pixies, Joni, Zappa, Dead, Sweet Honey in the Rock, Corn Fed Girls, Led Zep

AX: What’s the history behind the band? How did you all get together?
MPE: [We were] grade school chums.

Maggie, Pierce, and EJAX: What sparked your interests in the music industry? Was there a particular event or person that made each of you decide to get into music?
MPE: We’re much more interested in music than the industry. All our parents are musicians and artists for starters.

AX: What do you hope people can take from your music? From your live shows?
MPE: Positivity, thoughtfulness, [and] inspiration.

AX: What makes MPE different than other bands in your area or genre?
MPE: Most bands have 1 sound, we have several. People often comment that they have never heard any band like us.

AX: Where do you see this project taking you? Or where would you like to have it take you?
MPE: To the top…. Theaters around the world with adventurous listeners diggin’ our love of music and all the different sounds we lay down.

AX: Where can people find out more about the band and pick up you CD and merch?
MPE:, and at shows.

Jenn Mattern is a professional writer and former music PR consultant who specialized in working with indie artists. She owns 3 Beat Media, the parent company of AudioXposure.

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