Lelia Broussard – Indie Artist Interview

Lelia Broussard

Lelia Broussard
Philadelphia, PA

I’m not really surprised that Lelia Broussard is getting signed to a major record label. When I first heard Lelia (pronounced Lil-yah) I thought I was listening to a seasoned pro pictured in a smoky, bluesy downtown bar, pulling in the crowd and letting the music do the work. But then a fresh face comes up and it’s even more exciting to have a vibrant singer keeping the energy going! I guess I just hope that when she gets all big and famous that she will continue to hit up the Philly scene and remember where she got started.

Sadly, for me, the word will soon spread and the bittersweet day will come when she will be whisked away to bigger cities and to satiate the hungry fans that, like me, can’t get enough of her sultry songs. (And even the lighter ones like “He Makes Me Smile” which makes me think of sweet love and new romance.)

Alas, sit back, get to know a little more about Lelia but then immediately listen to her album because it will complete the evening entirely. This introduction isn’t really needed. All that is needed is a little sound bite of what she’s got and the rest is done by itself. So here is the nitty gritty. The glory is in her song.

AX: You say you were transplanted to Philly. What made you come here and what is making you stay?
LB: I came to Philadelphia for family reasons and I guess the main reason I am staying is that for me, the music scene here has been very good for me. My band is here, I have a great producer, and the close proximity to New York which is another amazing music scene is perfect for my career at the moment. Louisiana gave me a great foundation in music and my roots there are very strong but Philadelphia is where I need to be right now.

AX: When did you start playing?
LB: I started playing guitar about three and a half years ago, and have messed around a little on the keyboards but no formal training. This year I would just love to learn how to play Hammond B3. I love that instrument with a passion. I have been singing all my life though.

AX: What do you want fans to take from your music?
LB: I just want people to enjoy themselves while listening to my music. One thing I have been hearing from fans lately that I really like is that they are able to put on my CD when things are stressful and it relaxes them. Then when they come to a live show, they are able to really let loose and have a good time dancing around. So, I think that’s a great balance and a real testament to the great job that my producer Glen Barratt did with the CD. It’s kind of a chill CD, but the live show is really different, and people have a great time.

AX: What are some of the best shows you’ve played?
LB: I guess the best show is the one I had for my NYC CD Release. It was incredible. There was a huge crowd, a ton of music industry people also, and I was playing with my fabulous band. Anytime I get to play with them it’s a good show because they are so amazing!

AX: What are some of your greatest accomplishments?
LB: I guess the biggest thing that has happened so far is two songs from my first CD were on the CBS show “Joan of Arcadia.” But, right now, the biggest thing is I am getting ready to sign a major record deal. Then I will be going on tour after we add some new songs to my current CD for a national release.

AX: What are your plans for March and April?
LB: I will be in the studio in March and April and may have a date or two during that time also, but more than likely it will just be studio work, which takes up a lot of time.

AX: What do you consider the best parts of doing what you do? What are the most difficult or challenging?
LB: I love, love, love being in the studio, but I equally love playing live with my band. Being in the studio, although I love it, can be very challenging. It might sound very glamorous but it’s a lot of hard work. I miss it when I am not there, but it’s difficult and can be monotonous to do things over and over and over. Writing is challenging at times too…sometimes the songs write themselves but a lot of the time it’s a struggle. Once I’m done it’s very rewarding.

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