Fighting Zero – Indie Band Interview – 2005

Fighting Zero
Wilkes Barre, PA

The name should sound familiar. Scott’s the lead guitarist of An American LIAR, AX’s main feature band this month. If you haven’t read their story yet, shame on you! Don’t forget to check it out. But, we’re not here to discuss that now. AAL’s multi-talented lead guitarist is also the creator of another project, Fighting Zero.

I had the good fortune to hear some of Scott’s music from this side project, which in no way lives up to that label. Where other musicians might sound more like whining drones, bellyaching about loves lost, all of life’s little traumas, and their own self-pity, Scott serves up refreshingly honest pieces of art and self-reflection. You won’t find glitz and glamour. You won’t find a façade of any kind. With Scott, what you see is what you get; his unashamed professions of his inner-most emotions put to music.

Scott, being a true professional, was more than willing to sit down and answer a few of my questions. Here’s what he had to say:

AX: What’s your background? Tell me some interesting (or not so interesting) things about yourself.

Scott: Well, I started playing guitar at age 5, and exposed myself to every type of music out there and have not looked back since. It’s funny, because when I first started to play, nobody was really sure if my hands were going to be big enough to hold the guitar….well, they were [big enough]. (laughs) I bleed, laugh, and cry through all of the music that I play, with my roots primarily being in blues. I’m a sucker for a great blues tune.

AX: Why do you want to record and release your own music?

Scott: Like any other original artist would say, “to express myself through my music, because it’s an art form, etc.” While that’s true, I put my music out there to have my crowd be able to relate to me. No matter how down a person might be, if there is somebody that feels like they can relate to somebody else’s hardships or elation, then that puts a smile on my face and theirs.

AX: How would you describe your music to people?

Scott: My music is supposed to sound heavy and dark, because that’s how I write. But there’s always a silver lining in EVERY one of my songs, and [it] has to give me goosebumps before I stamp it as being finished.

AX: Do you have [much] experience other than with [AAL and Fighting Zero]?

Scott: Yeah, I’ve been in numerous bands since the start of my career; mostly cover bands that would sneak original tunes in during the sets. I’ve played up and down the East Coast with my more recent band, Postal. I left that band so I could pursue my love for writing original material and performing it live. That’s when I started Fighting Zero. It’s a fresh project that keeps growing and gaining momentum. We [including Steve Berlen on drums, and Brett Kempf with sampling and sequencing] already have loyal followers in the tri-state area as a matter of fact. But this past summer is when I got the chance to join An American LIAR, and couldn’t pass it up. It’s an incredible band and bunch of comrades, and I’m very fortunate to be a part of it.

Scott’s a prime example of the kind of artist that makes our local music scene rock. His drive and passion for his work should make him a true inspiration and role model for all of the young, promising musicians right here in PA. You can check out Scott’s work with Fighting Zero at, and his work with AAL at You can pick up Fighting Zero’s debut EP this Spring at all Gallery of Sound locations.

Jenn Mattern is a professional writer and PR consultant, formerly specializing in music PR for indie artists. She owns 3 Beat Media, the parent company of AudioXposure. While AudioXposure is retired, you can still find Jenn at her other web properties including All Freelance Writing, Freelance Writing Pros, and NakedPR.

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