Blue Sky Goodbye – Indie Band Profile

Blue Sky Goodbye

Blue Sky Goodbye

Location: Indianapolis, IN

Genre: Rock

Members: Reid Crandall (Vocals/Guitar), Paul Moore (Drums), Justin Goodpaster (Guitar), and Joe Franz (Bass)

Together Since: 2001

Available Online: “Insatiable,” “Three Hours to Nowhere,” “The Art of Success,” “Just Like Heaven,” “How to Build a Nuclear Bomb,” “Remember the Radio,” and “Cover Your Eyes”

Highlights: “Blue Sky Goodbye was contacted by the HD Network, who wished them to appear on their original program ‘True Music’. On the day of their concert at the Gypsy Tea Room in Dallas, TX, the band was interviewed by MTV alum Katie Daryl, and their performance was recorded for use in the program. In September of 2004, the band made their full-fledged television debut in millions of homes nationwide on a program that has also recently featured Maroon 5, Jason Mraz, The Get Up Kids, Sugarcult and The Ataris.”

Comments: Rock with a bit of a pop-punk edge from time to time – that’s what I’d probably call the style of Blue Sky Goodbye. But, there’s something that still makes them not quite fit … a maturity perhaps? I’m a strong believer in the school of thought that “if you want to make it big, you need to act and sound like you already have.” These guys pull it off. So, check them out and give ’em some love, PA style baby!

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