Your Night Sky – Indie Band Profile

April 22, 2007

Your Night Sky

Location: Byron Bay, Australia

Genre: Rock/Emo

Started: Mid-2004

Members: Daniel Brown (vocals, guitar), Simon Campbell (guitar), Paul Bird (bass, vocals), and Mitchell Begg (drums)

Songs to Check Out: “Break the Silence” and “Window”


Influences: Kiss Chasy, Finch, The Starting Line, Matchbook Romance, and Gyroscope

Comments: Even though these guys haven’t been together very long, I’d be hard-pressed to guess it. Their sound has a bit of a punk twinge to it, but not exactly. Emo? Yeah, but not exactly. They have a rock edge … but again, not exactly. It’s their combination of styles, solid vocals, and powerful energy that sets them apart. So take a few minutes, click on over to their site, and check them out. The guys may be from down under, but their music is destined to rise to the top!

by Jennifer Mattern

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