Veiled – Within

November 24, 2008

Artist Name: Veiled
Album Title: Within
Release Date: 2007
Genre: Rock
Location: Los Angeles, CA
Label: 844 Records
Band Members: Chris Freeman: bass; Charlie Kim: vocals, keyboards, guitar; Ali Nikou: guitar, keyboards; Greg Panciera: guitar, keyboards, programming; Blair Shotts: drums, percussion, programming, keyboards

This group Veiled certainly veils any easy description of its music. There are moments when surf rock seems to fit it, but then a track like “Killing Fields” comes along with its Middle Eastern feel and totally blows up that whole theory. But no matter what label you slap on contents within Within, it’s impossible to get away from the fact that Veiled is a guitar rock band. And a good one, at that. Read more

A 750ml Affair – A 750ml Affair

November 16, 2008

Artist Name: A 750ml Affair
Album Title: A 750ml Affair
Release Date: 2007
Genre: Rock
Location: Spokane, WA
Label: Kettle Black Records
Band Members: Gregory A. Rogers

The very moment Gregory A. Rogers mentions in passing how his “wife is at home awaiting the sunrise,” right after lavishing sweet nothings all over Miss Sexy Target of his extramarital affair, the Afghan Whig’s lecherous and spooky Greg Dulli comes immediately to mind. Simply put, Rogers is a smooth talking devil, in the sleazy Dulli mode, throughout this oftentimes troubling CD. And while his words may be appalling, he is nevertheless simultaneously quite compelling. Read more

Siggy: The Absinthe Effect

November 9, 2008

Artist Name: Siggy
Album Title: Absinthe Effect
Release Date: 2008
Genre: Rock
Location: Los Angeles, CA
Label: Shot Time Productions
Band Members: Galen Buckwalter vocals, Ryan Howes guitars, Deborah Buckwalter bass, Paul Netherton drums

Siggy’s sound hearkens back to classic David Bowie ‘70s glam rock, especially the way vocalist Galen Buckwalter sings in a wavy, emotional manner and evidenced by how a Mick Ronson-inspired guitar lick introduces “WWGNRD?”. Yet Buckwalter is by no means your typical glitter rocker. Please note that this front man is also known as Dr. Galen Buckwalter, and is a former professor at University of Southern California. Furthermore, guitarist Ryan Howes has studied clinical psychology, which gives this four-piece a brainy edge – for whatever that’s worth — over much of the Los Angeles rock scene. Read more

Frank Tribes: Gallery

November 3, 2008

Artist: Frank Tribes
Album: Gallery
Genre: Rock
Location: Chicago, IL
Label: S.E.N. Records
Band Members: Frank Tribe (vocals, guitars, organ, and autoharp)

Derivative is nearly always a pejorative term. When used to describe a musical artist, it suggests a lazy performer who is unwilling or unable to sail uncharted waters. And while Frank Tribes’ music is undeniably derivative, this factor only heightens the enjoyment in listening to Gallery, his third full-length release. In other words, derivativeness is a compliment in this instance. Read more