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Adam Wexler: What I’m All About

Adam Wexler: What I'm All About

Adam Wexler
What I’m All About
New York, NY

If you were worried that John Popper would never again sing after his glorious run with Blues Traveler, well think again! Because he has been secretly disguising himself as Adam Wexler minus the harmonica! That was my initial reaction, honestly. I thought “wow he sure sounds familiar; I wonder why… who could it be?” However, while Adam sounds like the spawn of Popper, the music is more on the lines of radio friendly acoustic pop-ballads. The kicker is the heartfelt lyrics that are mini stories with music as accompaniment, with the title track “What I’m All About” to the EP, being the most popular. With stories about love, finding it and losing it, and about himself, Adam really pours his heart into his music and you can feel it when you listen. A soulful guitar carries every song and is really secondary to the vocals, mainly because they are so meaningful. “All Night Long” about, well, I’m sure you can guess, really captures Adam’s feelings and what he puts into his lyrics. Really, he’s like the male version of Suzanne Vega with his tales, however, he actually sings about things that matter rather than pouring coffee and milk. A lot of what he sings about can be seen as cheesy, mainly because it’s all life, love and all that mushy stuff, but it works well for him. The music is soft and sweet which is clearly no playa hating theme, and his voice, albeit very familiar, is a nice balance to the strings and acoustic guitar. “Moved On,” another obvious title choice, is by far the most melodic track and has the most radio potential if you want to put it that way. It’s really impressive for a guy who has only been playing the guitar for 5 some years. Make sure you take that into account if you’re going to be critical when you listen. The talent flows as well as the stories, with some beautiful catchy heartwarming acoustic pop as underlying tones. So if you’re looking for a nice relaxing evening out at a concert, or a record to make out to, here ya go!

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