Johnny Ford – Indie Artist Interview

Johnny Ford

Johnny Ford
New York, NY

AX:  Where are you from?
Johnny Ford: I’m originally from Florida but I now live in the NYC area.

AX:  How would you describe your music?
Johnny Ford:  Hmmmm… music is a cross between the Lord above and Satan below–it’s all about the battle between good and evil, or…going to church on Sunday and snorting coke off an old bible in the last pew in the house.  FEEL THE POWER!!!

AX:  If we were to go to one of your live shows, what could we expect?
Johnny Ford:  Live shows?  I only do dead shows–expect to die.

AX: Who are some of your biggest influences?
Johnny Ford:  John Lee Hooker, Robert Johnson, Son House, Willie Dixon and Lead Belly.

AX: What sparked your interest in the music industry?  Was there a particular event or person that made you decide to get into music?
Johnny Ford: I attended a snake-handling Bapitist revival in a road-side tent when I was a small boy. The rattlers were cool and a couple folks even got bit, but the boom-boom of the drums and tinny shimmy of the bells and tambourines really got me.  Everyone was in this zombie-like trance, swaying back and forth and I thought, “Wow, I want to do that to people!”

AX: What do you hope people can take from you music?  From your live shows?
Johnny Ford: My biggest hope is to inspire a full-on revival of the mashed-potatoe dance.

AX:  Where can people find out more about the band and pick up you CD and merch?
Johnny Ford: and

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