A 750ml Affair – A 750ml Affair

November 16, 2008

Artist Name: A 750ml Affair
Album Title: A 750ml Affair
Release Date: 2007
Genre: Rock
Location: Spokane, WA
Label: Kettle Black Records
Band Members: Gregory A. Rogers
Website: www.A750mlAffair.com

The very moment Gregory A. Rogers mentions in passing how his “wife is at home awaiting the sunrise,” right after lavishing sweet nothings all over Miss Sexy Target of his extramarital affair, the Afghan Whig’s lecherous and spooky Greg Dulli comes immediately to mind. Simply put, Rogers is a smooth talking devil, in the sleazy Dulli mode, throughout this oftentimes troubling CD. And while his words may be appalling, he is nevertheless simultaneously quite compelling. Read more