How to Write a Press Release for Your Band

January 7, 2008

At some point during your career as an indie band, it’s likely that you’ll need to learn how to write a press release. A press release can be used to improve your media relations, by sending newsworthy information about your music to newspapers, TV, and radio stations. The idea is to only send a press release when something is truly newsworthy, in the hopes that media outlets will pick up the story, providing you with free publicity. Here are a few things that might be considered newsworthy as an indie artist:

1. You’re releasing a new CD.
2. You’re about to go on tour.
3. You’re opening for a huge act.
4. You’re putting on, or performing in, a benefit show for a charity.
5. You’re making a donation to charity as a band (ex. donating a portion of CD sales)

Now learn how to write a press release by following the outline here:

Your name
Your address
Your phone
Your email


Put an Informative Title for Your Release Centered Here in Bold (Not CAPS)
Include a More Catchy Sub-Title Below (not bolded) if Needed

City, State – Date – Start the first paragraph of your press release here. Don’t try to make your press release sound catchy, like an advertisement. It should read more like a story printed in a newspaper, and the first paragraph should answer the questions of Who?, What?, When?, Where?, and Why?

The second paragraph of your press release should provide further detail necessary to the reporter, such as more specific location information, particular cities you’ll be visiting while on tour, etc.

The third paragraph, if needed, can include more information, especially that pertains less to your music. This might include some background on a charity that you’re working with or donating to.

For More information, please visit Your URL, or contact Your Name at Your Phone, or via email at Your email address.

About Your Band
This section of the press release is called a boilerplate. It would be the same on every press release that you send out about your band (until, of course, it needs to be updated). Use the boilerplate to provide a short bio of the band.

Always end a press release with ### centered at the bottom of the page, to let the reporter know that they’ve reached the end of the press release.

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